Quotes from Stormy Heather

Heather: Say hi to Samantha for me. Just remember that the entire time that you're with her, you're going to be wishing that you were with me. You'll be back.

Gwen: It's called tough love, Ethan. I get tough, you get mad, and then you realize what a wonderful person I really am.

Ethan: I didn't see a thread, Peter.
Peter: No, but we all had a lovely time, didn't we?

Samantha: Those guys were weird. They didn't eat their olives. Who has a martini and doesn't eat their olives? By the way, what happened to those olives?
Peter: You ate them.
Samantha: I did?

Peter to Samantha: Dress2K was a huge success because of you and you managed to work well with dragon mommy which will probably garner you sainthood.

Peter to Heather: Most eavesdroppers have the decency to stay in their mouse hole, but then again, I'm not up on the latest truck stop etiquette.

Peter to Heather: Are you sleeping your way through this entire family? Because if so, I'd like to make my reservation now.

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