Quotes from Frisky Business

Chandler: Y'know, Peter, I know you can't help yourself, but for once in your life, why don't you shut up?

Chandler: My brother's like a shark. The second he smells blood he moves in for the kill.
Heather: How did you ever survive your childhood?
Chandler: I was a fast swimmer.

Heather: Sorry, Peter, I didn't hear you slither up.

Jenny: As your boss, I officially give you permission to play hooky.
David: And as your humble servant, I respectfully disobey.

Heather: Ugh, Samantha, please, don't be so naive. Peter is up to something, and as your boss I expect you to find out what it is and get back to me right away.
Samantha: Are you questioning my loyalty?
Heather: Loyalty, darling, never, but judgment, absolutely.

Heather: And you're absolutely certain there's nothing that I might do to persuade you to change your mind?
Peter: You could divorce my father and then crawl back under that rock you came from. Oh, and one more thing. Don't go crying to Chandler. He wouldn't understand our little agreement and, you know, might spill everything to daddy. He's just not as inherently evil as you and I.

Chandler: There's only one thing that makes my brother happy. Power. And judging from his mood tonight, I'd say he acquired a new chunk of it.

Peter: Don't give it another thought. Lots of sons sleep with their fathers' wives. In Greek tragedies, B movies, torrid novels....

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