Quotes from Bad Will Hunting

Jenny: Chin high, never die. The Williams motto.

Ethan: Look, I just met you, okay. I just met my uncle Richard and now he's dead, so there's sometimes a real advantage to sticking to yourself. You know what I mean? You get stomped on a lot less.

Samantha: You should speak from the heart more often.
Peter: Maybe I will. Before the vultures descend, I think dad would have wanted you to have this.
Samantha: Oh, I couldn't. It should go to someone in the family.
Peter: Exactly my point.

Gwen: I tried and I tried, but I just can't imagine a world without you in it.

David: She could use your support.
Laurie: My support? That's all I've given her my whole life. Hold her up, comfort her, make excuses for her. Just get out of here. She's your problem now.

Heather: I always knew that Richard loved me, now I'm just certain of how much.

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