Quotes from Secrets & Thighs

Heather: If I had come in here yesterday I would have heard the sound of two heartbeats, one for me, and one for my... but now there's only one.

Heather: Why don't you lap it up on your way out?
Gwen: Get down on all fours? That's your specialty.

Peter: That little vixen has all the makings to become the next Heather Lane.
Samantha: Really? I think she reminds me more of you.

Chandler: I guess they're wrong. Angels don't have wings.

Peter to Samantha: In a matter of weeks, you, the overqualified, will be taking orders from Heather, the oversexed.

Faith: Don't play games.
Ethan: I'm on a court! I got a raquet, some balls, what do you want me to do?

Samantha: I ask but one thing.
Peter: What? Be gentle?
Samantha: No, leave the tie on.

Peter: Ooh, marmalade. Mmm, vitamin C, niacin, good for strong bones.
Samantha: Mmm, hmm, grape jelly. Good for the heart.
Peter: You know what else is good for the heart?

Jack: I think we all like a good fight every now and then, don't we? Just reminds me of how wrong you all can be.

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