Summary of the Pilot

Written by TK

We are introduced to the Williams family:

Father Richard lives across the street from his ex-wife, Gwen. They have a very amicable divorce, although it was not always so. Richard and Gwen together built Williams Global Enterprises, a huge conglomerate of a company, and the Williams family has more money than it knows what to do with. The board of directors consists of the family itself.

Eldest son Chandler, who happens to be adopted, has recently returned from the Navy, and has decided to finally join the company in the aviation division.

Other son, Peter, is a brilliant businessman, but always jealous of his older brother, the golden child of the family.

Sisters Laurie and Jenny run a club together as part of Williams Global. Laurie constantly worries about recovering alcoholic Jenny who has been dry for five months.

We are also introduced to those around the Williams family:

Samantha Sanchez is the daughter of the Williamses' old housekeeper. She grew up as a tomboy with Chandler, but even now that she's a successful executive managing the Williams estate, she still harbors a crush for the eldest Williams son. Unfortunately, younger brother Peter just sees Samantha as yet another thing he wants that only his brother can have.

Scott Littleton is the friendly ex-Army man that is Chandler's new boss now that he's joined Williams Global.

And finally, there's Heather Lane. Heather is first introduced as Chandler's lover in Hawaii, but two months later, when Chandler returns to the family fold, he finds Heather is his father's new fiance. Heather not only perfectly manipulates Richard into not signing a prenuptial agreement, but she's already plotting to take over household affairs from Samantha and get Gwen to move out from across the street. She convinced Chandler not to tell his father about their affair, claiming she really loves his father, and Chandler feels bound to protect his father's happiness. On the other hand, Peter sees Heather for the gold-digger that she is, and swears to protect his father's estate.

What happens is:

Laurie doesn't think Jenny's new boyfriend, Billy, is a good influence, so she blackmails him to stay away from her sister. Jenny is left waiting for Billy to show up to escort her to her father's rehearsal dinner, and when he doesn't she starts drinking and then drives over to his boat where she meets his wife. Drunk, she smashes her car into Billy's a few times on purpose, and then calls her sister Laurie crying. Her father says they'll need to put her back in rehab, but for now they just comfort her.

Chandler finds himself walking Heather down the aisle at his father's wedding since she has no family of her own to do it. As they're walking down the aisle, Chandler decides to formally congratulate Heather on her marriage. Heather congratulates Chandler right back: she's pregnant with his child.

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