2.6.06 - Lourdes Benedicto has cast in an ABC untitled drama about strangers held hostage for 52 hours during a botched bank robbery.

8.27.02 - Yasmine Bleeth married Paul Cerrito at the exclusive Bacara resort in Santa Barbara, according to Entertainment Tonight. In a tale as old as time, the two reportedly met in rehab.

6.13.02 - TV Guide Online: 90210 Vixen Meets Male Hustler! - When last seen on TV, Josie Davis was stealing Ingo Rademacher (General Hospital) from her alcoholic sister on NBC's defunct prime-time soap, Titans. But that's not the role fans know her best for....

1.9.02 - Bleeth Gets Probation for Cocaine Charge

11.30.01 - Yasmine Bleeth Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possession

11.21.01 - Don't miss the great article on Lourdes Benedicto on page 60 of the November 27th issue of Soap Opera Digest.

9.15.01 - Zap2It: Bleeth Facing Possible Drug Charges

8.28.01 - Soap Opera Digest reports that John Barrowman visited Guiding Light to test for the hot role of Adam, who is thought to be the long-presumed-dead San Cristobel heir.

7.28.01 - Look for Lourdes Benedicto to play Pacey's new love interest on Dawson's Creek this fall.

5.3.01 - ABC will not confirm it, but Soap Opera Digest reports that Ingo Rademacher will be returning to his role as Jasper Jacks on General Hospital.

4.12.01 - TV Guide Online: Spelling Sells Soul - Still smarting from NBC's cancellation last fall of his Dynasty update, Titans, mega-producer Aaron Spelling reveals that he's turning his back on the suds genre....

4.9.01 - Titans has received a Prism Commendation for the episode "Guess Who's Chumming for Dinner." Prism recognizes work in which members of the entertainment community take an active role in addressing drug abuse in America. The 5th annual Prism awards, hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis, were taped April 4th. No word yet when or where they will air.

2.11.01 - "Starship Troopers," starring Casper Van Dien, will be on Fox on Friday, February 23rd.

2.11.01 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Casper Van Dien and his wife, Catherine Oxenberg, are expecting their first child together. Oxenberg has another child, whose father she has never named, and Van Dien has a son and a daughter with ex-wife Carrie Mitchum.

2.7.01 - Look for Lourdes Benedicto to appear on "ER" as Dr. Carter's new love interest. She'll play Rena, a medical school hopeful who goes gaga for Carter when she spends a day in the ER watching him save lives after a multicar train accident. Carter is interested, and the two of them start getting closer, but he freaks out when he learns her age: 19. Rena's an undergrad student, not a med student as Carter thought.

2.7.01 - Rumor has it that Kristina Wagner ("General Hospital") has filed for a divorce from her husband, Jack Wagner. The two met while playing supercouple Frisco and Felicia on "General Hospital" many years ago.

2.1.01 - Elizabeth Bogush will guest star on UPN's "Seven Days" on Wednesday, February 14th.

1.31.01 - From Soap Opera Digest: Gossip mongers are whispering about the supposed romance between Yasmine Bleeth and co-star Ingo Rademacher, but those in the know say it's all a rumor. The pair are strictly friends, they say, and merely enjoy each other's company.

1.2.01 - "Titans" was voted one of the worst shows of the year by TV critics across the country in Electronic Media's biannual critics poll. More...

12.5.00 - NBC has informed Spelling Entertainment it would not order a full season's worth of Titans. The four as yet unaired episodes which will be shown in the next four weeks. No word yet on what will come in midseason for the time period - Mondays at 8pm where Titans was first seen just this past Monday. And Monday's poor showing may have been the final straw for this show - a 2.8/7 in A18-49, on par with the already cancelled Daddio and Tucker. When on Wednesdays, Titans averaged for the season a 3.3/9 among the adult demo, still below last year's time period average by 13%. In total viewers Titans pulled in 6.6 million on Monday night, while another Spelling show airing at the same time on the WB, 7th Heaven, managed 6.0 million viewers with a repeat episode and 2.4/6 in the adult demo.

11.11.00 - There is a great article on "Titans" on page 48 of the November 11th issue of TV Guide called "Crash of the Titans? As its sexy stars work up a lather on- and off-screen, Aaron Spelling's latest soap struggles to stay afloat."

11.10.00 - NBC will make a schedule change right after the conclusion of the November sweeps, flipping "Ed" from Sunday nights to Wednesdays at 8pm, displacing "Titans." "Titans will find a home on Mondays at 8pm as of December 4th where sitcoms "Daddio" and "Tucker" used to live. "Dateline NBC" will move to 9pm to fill the vacancy left by "Deadline." This still leaves a hole on Sunday nights at 8pm where "Ed" is currently airing. NBC announced it will bring back the reality series "World Most Amazing Videos" at 7pm, and push "Dateline" into 8pm Sunday nights.

10.25.00 - TV Guide Online: Yasmine - Ready to Rumble

10.9.00 - E!Online: Aaron Spelling's Bitches & Babes
Yasmine Bleeth, Bitch #4

10.9.00 - The October 17th issue of Soap Opera Digest has a great article on Josie Davis in which she talks about being "the ugly one" on "Charles in Charge" and how great it is to be aboard the Aaron Spelling gravy train.

9.26.00 - TV Guide Online: Van Dien's Nudist Turn

9.5.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Jack Wagner joining the cast may mean curtains for Perry King, who will reportedly leave the show after the fourth episode.

8.15.00 - TV Guide Online: Principal's Principles

8.5.00 - Access Hollywood reports that Jack Wagner has joined the cast.

8.1.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Ingo Rademacher ("General Hospital") has joined the cast. He didn't even audition, he just got an offer.

7.29.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Prisciall Garita has been let go from "Titans." She has beenr replaced by Lourdes Benedicto in the role of ambitious executive assistant Samantha Sierras.

"I love Priscilla," states Executive Producer Aaron Spelling. "She was in SUNSET BEACH for us, and we brought her on this show. But our first choice was Lourdes. Unfortunately, she had another commitment [at the time]. Priscilla knew that. When we found out that [Benedicto] became available, we jumped, and we're thrilled to have her.

"I was actually doing another pilot, so I tested for both [pilots] at the same time," explains Benedicto. "That pilot didn't go, and I was lucky to have been asked to come in. It's the most flattering thing."

Garita's fellow ex-BEACHer, Jason George (ex-Michael), will be receiving a lot more airtime on the serial. "Jason George is going to have a much bigger role on the show [after the pilot]," Spelling confirms. "He becomes one of Casper's best friends on the show, and he will also have a romance."

7.29.00 - August 8th issue of Soap Opera Digest:
Ingo Rademacher may not wind up missing the work, but he will definitely miss the excitement of daytime. "I almost got into a fight at the [ABC] Emmy party," he affirms, referring to a much-talked-about altercation with AMC's Josh Duhamel (Leo) over Duhamel's girlfriend. "She walked by and I said, 'I think you're really cute. I know you're here with your boyfriend; I don't want to cause any problems.' I would've said the same thing if he was there. I wasn't making a pass at her. Five minutes later, he came by: 'You were looking at her all night and then when I leave for a second, you go over.' I said, 'I was just being friendly.' Then he started shoving me. I was like, 'Don't touch me and walk away. You're out of line.' I slammed him once, he fell down and I had three guys on me: Michael Saucedo [Juan, GH], Don Jeffcoat [Joey, OLTL] and Mark Consuelos [Mateo, AMC]. It felt like high school."

Duhamel fires back, "This whole story is ridiculous. I didn't even know who the guy was. I'm not a jealous guy, but when somebody shows that much disrespect to you... It all started at the Soap Digest Awards and I never said anything. I let it go. But then we were at the [Emmy] after-party and he was doing it again. I got up for a second, and he walked up to her. As soon as I came back, he left. I just walked up to him and said, 'Listen man, if you want to talk to her, go ahead, I don't care.' He goes, 'What are you talking about?' If the guy [says] he pushed me over and I fell, that's bull."

Bygones, concludes Duhamel. "It's over with. I wish him the best of luck."

7.22.00 - E!Online: TV Scoop with Kimberly Potts